Welcome to the 2024 Pro-Duffers National Meeting and Tournament Registration Portal. This year’s meeting and tournament is hosted by Northern Virginia and Sarasota-Bradenton Chapters.

  1. On the Registration Portal Page, Please complete all information that pertain to you and your guest(s)
  2. Please make sure you fill in all fields marked with an asterisk as they are mandatory.
  3. Everyone must enter a GHIN number and handicap index or enter the name of the system used to calculate their handicap index. If the information is not provided the golfer will be flighted as scratch (0.0 index).
  4. The form will calculate the number of room nights which will be forwarded to Innisbrook. Additional room nights three(3) days prior or after the inclusive dates (Oct 3-6) will be charged based on the chart below.
Deluxe Guestroom$159.00/Night
Executive Suite$179.00/Night
1Bedroom Suite$199.00/Night
2 Bedroom Suite$239.00/Night

5. Insure you check the correct shirt size. Shirts will be ordered base on sizes submitted and will be included in the golfer welcome package.

6. Select accomodations and registration type; single golfer, golfer/golfer, or golfer/non-golfer.

7. Select Registration deposit and/or payment choice. Pay by check, Paypal, or Zelle. Please follow the instructions. Remaining amount owed for Check and Zelle payments will be included in a separate email from the confirmation email.

8. If you have questions or issues with the portal, please call 703-868-1831.